Results of the procject

In this exchange programme we learn about how to protect and save water resources.

Here are our four portraits that resume what we learn in this experience.

Fashion vs second-hands clothes

With the evolution of the fashion it’s important to know the consequences of making brand new clothes. Many people aren’t aware of the water waste that is in clothes. (For example: one cotton t–shirt uses enough drinking water to sustain one human for three years, it takes 2 700 liters). Therefore, we appointed the solutions to that problem. Firstly, we can give away the clothes that we don’t want anymore to charity. But also, we can reuse the clothes to make new ones, buntings  and other things.

Ways to save water

The work above mentions several ways to improve water quality, including, for example, turning off the taps when taking a shower, the septic tank and reducing the excessive use of new clothes, as the production of clothes also contributes for water decrease.

Save water

This portrait casts some of the best ways to save in our daily basis and on the long run at a global scale:

  1. Use dishwater and washing machine when it’s full;
  2. Repair a leaking tap;
  3. Don’t destroy natural water resources;
  4. Eat less meat;
  5. Buy second-hands clothes;
  6. Use Rain water;
  7. Don’t throw garbage in water;
  8. Quick showers;
  9. Turn salt water into drinking water.

Ways to reuse water from the Rain

A efficient way to clean your teeth

Reusing water from the rain is one of the best ways to save water. For example, after colleting the water you could use it to water the plants, wash your car or flush the toilet. Despite being very common in Portugal, using a cup to brush your teeth is very rare in Poland. Instead of leaving the tap open pour water into a cup to later on rinse your mouth and clean the sink.

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